An Important Component of Treatment: A High Blood Pressure Monitor

Some sources suggest that at least 1 in 3 Americans are afflicted with high blood pressure, which is often called the “silent killer” because unfortunately, there are not many observable symptoms of the disease. In fact, most people who suffer from high blood pressure only find out because a routine check shows their blood pressure is abnormally high.

Patients may have high blood pressure for many years without being diagnosed, and if left untreated it can cause many serious consequences, including heart attack, stroke and kidney failure.

Fortunately, there are effective ways of treating high blood pressure. Prescription medications, diet and lifestyle changes and stress reduction can all be effective ways to reduce high blood pressure in a person. Regardless of the treatment undertaken, a high blood pressure monitor can be an important component to managing the disease.

High Blood Pressure Monitor: Technologically Advanced and Affordable

High blood pressure monitoring can occur in a number of ways, perhaps the most common, and the one most of us experience at regular doctor visits is using a stethoscope and cuff. However, it is nearly impossible to take one’s own blood pressure, especially for the less medically savvy among us.

The electronic high blood pressure monitor has revolutionized the treatment of high blood pressure. They allow individuals with no medical knowledge to regularly measure their blood pressure. High blood pressure monitoring machines have been available at supermarkets and drug stores for several decades. Patients seat themselves at the machine and insert their arm into a stationary cuff, after simply pressing the start button the high blood pressure monitor then does the rest.

Handheld high blood pressure monitors for use in homes are also available. These machines either automatically tighten the cuff or require users to pump the cuff just as a nurse does. However, the actual measurement of blood pressure is done by the machine – the high blood pressure monitor returns a reading on a digital screen. Though a high blood pressure monitor was once prohibitively expensive, prices on them have dropped to the level of affordability for most consumers; basic models are available in the 20 – 30 dollar range.

High blood pressure monitors can play an important role in the treatment of high blood pressure. Because patients can regularly monitor their blood pressure and provide logs to their doctors, physicians can better gauge the effectiveness of medications and other treatments. Additionally, patients and doctors can identify times of the day when blood pressure seems to vary, allowing adjustments to dosing schedules if necessary.