Cure For High Blood Pressure Still Being Sought

There are many ways to control blood pressure, either through natural means or through prescription drugs, but there is no known cure for high blood pressure. With so many variables involved, affecting different people in different ways, it is a better choice to control it than cure it.

Many different aspects of a person’s life can cause high blood pressure. Diet and weight seem to be the most prevalent of the causes although heredity also plays a key role. Because of the different ways people react to different things, finding a cure for high blood pressure has been difficult.

Exercising regularly is known to help people with high blood pressure at it not only helps them loose weight but helps to strengthen the hear muscles as well as in strengthening the arterial walls. Without a cure for high blood pressure everything that can be done to reduce the risk of heart attack and disease must be done.

A Physician Can Help Battle High Blood Pressure

Self-diagnosis of high blood pressure is never a smart thing, as treatment methods should be monitored. Without a cure for high blood pressure, careful monitoring of your blood pressure, done under a doctor’s supervision, can detect changes, which may increase other health-related risks.

Even while taking medication, a person must remember there is no cure for high blood pressure and being without the proper medication can lead to dangerous health risks. With blood pressure being too high there is always the risk of capillaries, small blood vessels, breaking open under the extra stain they are under.

Causes of blood pressure increases should also be carefully observed. Smoking, caffeine and alcohol are known to have specific effects on blood pressure and should be restricted or avoided all together. Caffeine restricts the size of arteries that will elevate the blood pressure even more. Since there is no cure for high blood pressure changes in a person’s lifestyle is essential to maintain a lower pressure and lengthen their life.

Alcohol, in excess, that is more than the equivalence of one drink a day, can possible reduce the effectiveness of blood pressure medication. Smoking also has been linked to elevated blood pressure levels and should be eliminated. Until there is a cure for high blood pressure, people need to take every available step to keep their blood pressure within normal rates and to help ensure a longer, healthier life.