Having A Closer Look At Blood Pressure Monitors

High blood pressure is a disease that if your blood pressure is too high, you can either have a heart attack or even a stroke. It is very dangerous and has been considered as a silent killer. For there are no known symptoms for this disease.

High blood pressure causes the heart to work extra hard pumping blood to the rest of the body. Forcing the blood against the walls of the arteries. Genetics can play a role if you have a family history of the disease. However this is not the underlying cause. It is a common disease in both young and old, but mainly found in adults.

If you live a healthy lifestyle by having a good diet, and healthy weight, cutting down on your salt intake and exercising. One can avoid getting high blood pressure. However if you do have the disease there is blood pressure medication one can use to control the condition. As every case is different your doctor will recommend a medication best suited for you. Diuretics for example, is a drug that takes excess water and sodium out of the body.

All You Need to Know About Blood Pressure Monitors

There are many different blood pressure monitors out on the market to choose from. A few will be highlighted in this blood pressure monitor review. The main purpose however is to give you an idea to help you choose one that best suits you.

There are 2 main types of blood pressure monitors, namely digital and aneroid.-

Aneriod blood pressure monitor review – it is portable and very easy to use. It is much cheaper than the digital blood pressure monitors. The downside is it can be broken or damaged quite easily.
Digital blood pressure monitor review – they are fairly small devices and are quite costly to buy. They are very modern and even easier to use than the above mentioned aneroid blood pressure monitors.

Omron intellisense blood pressure monitor review – its accuracy has been clinically proven. It prints out blood pressure and pulse readings in both numerical and bar graph forms. It is easy to use; no adjustments need to be made. It has personalized cuff inflation for maximum comfort.

Samsung digital wrist blood pressure monitor review – it has a pulse counter, date and time feature, and stores data for later viewing and keeping records. It has perfect accuracy, and runs on AAA batteries that last approximately 7 months.

Microlife advanced blood pressure monitor review – it detects irregular heart beat. Has medical grade accuracy. Accuracy proven superior by British Hypotension Society. Also has date and time features and easy to read screen.