High Blood Pressure Remedies: Exercise, Diet And Stress Relief

High blood pressure is known as the silent killer because most people don’t even know they have it until it’s too late. High blood pressure can be caused by a number of variables. Genetics is one of these variables. If high blood pressure runs in your family, then there may not be anything you can do about it. If it doesn’t run in your family, then the same remedies that help to lower your blood pressure can actually help to prevent your blood pressure from raising to uncontrollable levels in the first place.

The best high blood pressure remedies are exercise, a good diet and a good stress relief program. Exercise not only helps to prevent and cure high blood pressure but it’s great for overall fitness and it helps you look and feel great. A good exercise program would be one that works your heart for at least twenty to thirty minutes two to three times per week. This high blood pressure remedy can be easily implemented into your daily routine. Pushups first thing in the morning or even walking after dinner can have great benefits on your health. The trick is finding an exercise program that works for you that you can keep up with.

Another high blood pressure remedy is to eat a diet low in saturated fat and sodium. To accomplish this, you should become adept at reading food labels. Nearly everything we eat today has food labels that tells you exactly what’s in the food you eat. Even restaurants have food labels, all you have to do is ask the manager and you’ll likely be able to find out exactly what’s in the food you find on the menu. This high blood pressure remedy, to be effective, needs to be followed in moderation. Don’t just give up all your favorite foods cold turkey. This only leads to failure as you’ll want to pig out on the nearest bag of chips or you’ll want to head to the nearest fast food restaurant to pig out on fries and milk shakes. Moderation is key when following a high blood pressure diet.

The final high blood pressure remedy we’ll discuss is stress relief. Merely practicing breathing exercises or practicing yoga or Tai Chi, or similar programs, can have drastic effects on the levels of your blood pressure. If you notice, when you’re stressed or angry, your face gets red and you feel all tense all over. This is when your blood pressure usually shoots through the roof. You’ll want to find some way to curb these feelings. Only then can you hope to keep your blood pressure at more manageable levels.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle

A high blood pressure remedy is, really, anything that helps you live a healthy lifestyle. If you’re not sure, ask your doctor. Your doctor is the one who can let you know just how to control your blood pressure and if you do, indeed, have a problem.