How Accurate Is A Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor?

If you have ever used a blood pressure monitor then you know that it goes around your upper arm. However this type of blood pressure monitor is expensive and if you would like to use a blood pressure monitor at home there is now an alternative, you can now use a wrist blood pressure monitor.

There are advantages to using a wrist blood pressure monitor compared to the traditional blood monitor. If you would like to purchase a blood pressure monitor for home use then knowing what is the best type for you is important so that you can make the right decision.

Blood Pressure Monitor Accuracy Problems

Some people will tell you that wrist blood pressure monitors have accuracy problems. Accuracy can be a problem if the reading is not done properly. The most common problem is that people do not hold the wrist blood pressure monitor at the level of the heart.

For this to happen the arm should be resting on a table so that it is level. An alternative way to take a reading is to lie down while using the wrist blood pressure monitor. These monitors are just as accurate as an automatic blood pressure monitor used commonly at free public health screenings.

Doctor’s Blood Pressure Monitor Recommendation

The best person to ask for a recommendation as to what model you should buy is most definitely your doctor. However don’t buy the model your doctor recommends right away. Some wrist blood pressure monitors can be very expensive. There are many different models out there and the more complicated the model the more expensive it is going to be.

In many cases you do not need the extras that come with the more expensive blood pressure monitors. Among the features that you can find on an expensive model are measurements of your pulse, extra bulbs, extra cuffs, and up to three readings of your blood pressure to give you an average reading.

Find something basic and you will be able to use it for quite some time. If you find that it is not working properly or needs repairs you can simply buy a new one. It is usually not worth the trouble of trying to repair it. A wrist blood pressure monitor is also perfect if it is going to be used by more than one person in the family as the cuff does not need to be customized to one person’s wrist. It will fit almost anyone without much trouble.