Naturalists Push Herbs For High Blood Pressure

With high blood pressure affecting a large percentage of the population, medications are commonly used. There are some, however, who believe a more natural therapy can be found by using herbs for high blood pressure.

The idea of using herbs for high blood pressure is not new and has been around for several years, as has the thoughts of using botanicals. Crataegus oxyacantha (Hawthorn) is said to dilate blood vessels and block angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) which is a blood-restricting enzyme.

Other herbs for high blood pressure also perform other duties. It has been claimed that passiflora incarnate has a calming effect and also relaxes blood vessels, reducing blood pressure. Guelder rose bark is another of the herbs for high blood pressure is said to relax the entire cardiovascular system, reducing blood pressure.

Herbs Only Part Of Natural Treatment

Despite all the herbs for high blood pressure, all herbalists also stress the need for lifestyle changes as well. Nicotine intake needs to be vastly reduced or eliminated once diagnosed with high blood pressure, as the drug will constrict the blood vessels. This reduction in size forces the heart to work harder and if the vessels are weakened in any way, could cause them to burst.

Exercise will not only help a person lose weight, if combined with the proper diet, it is also good for the heart. The right exercise will strengthen the heart muscle as well as the blood vessels, making them stronger and more pliable to withstand the stress of high blood pressure. In addition to taking herbs for high blood pressure, diet and exercise needs to be part of the solution.

While many contend that caffeine produces a temporary increase in blood pressure, many physicians as well as naturalists, suggest eliminating it as well as it can counteract drugs or herbs for high blood pressure being used to dilate the blood vessels. A healthy diet and exercise is also recommended as part of the use of herbs for high blood pressure.

One of the oldest herb known, Ginkgo Biloba, has been around for centuries and has shown remarkable effects on blood pressure. It is known to relax blood vessels and stimulate the circulatory system. It is also used to allow blood to flow more freely by reducing the ability of the blood to clot. As one of the herbs for high blood pressure, it is probably one of the most widely recognized.