Some Common Effects Of Low Blood Pressure

If you think you may have low blood pressure read on to see some of the common effects of low blood pressure and determine whether or not you have them. These effects of low blood pressure are common and consistent, so you should some if not all of these symptoms if you truly do have low blood pressure.

Obvious Effects Of Low Blood Pressure

The first thing that is true sign that you are under the effects of low blood pressure is dizziness and lightheadedness when you stand up. While these conditions themselves are not a true indicator of your blood pressure situation, they can be key indicators and it must be paid attention to. There are a wide variety of other things that can mask the effects of low blood pressure. It is important to look at all things before you determine whether you have low blood pressure or not.

That being said though, dizziness and lightheadedness are two true effects of low blood pressure. Most times people will say the sensation is similar to that of being on a rocking boat. In addition when a person stands up they may feel faint and even pass out. Sometimes this is accompanied with some more serious effects of low blood pressure. This can include a change in mental state with difficulty concentrating and confusion. This may or may not come with a sense of impending doom or serious anxiety. Sometimes this will also have a high heart rate with low blood pressure.

You also may experience changes in your breathing pattern, the most common effect of low blood pressure being fast shallow breathing. This often happens during an episode when blood pressure is at its lowest. As this comes on you will also begin to feel nauseous and have cold clamming hands with very pale skin.

While each of these effects of low blood pressure by themselves does not necessarily warrant a trip to the doctor, when they are all seen together it would be a good idea to get checked out. These symptoms also overlap with those of a heart attack or stroke, so it is best to not take any chances and make sure that everything is OK.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of some of the effects of low blood pressure and know what to do when you feel them come on. If you or anyone you know is showing signs of low blood pressure, seek medical attention as soon as possible.