Sometimes Natural Treatments For High Blood Pressure Are Enough

Millions of people all over the United States are currently taking some kind of prescription medication to treat high blood pressure. They are taking the medication to lower their blood pressure because hypertension can lead to serious and potentially fatal health conditions such as cardio vascular problems, heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. Although these prescription medications are often necessary this is not always the case. A person with mild to moderate hypertension can often get well again using natural treatments for high blood pressure.

Natural Treatments For High Blood Pressure:Amend Your Diet And Lifestyle

What causes a person to have elevated systolic and diastolic blood pressure? There are many lifestyle factors that can exacerbate hypertension. Those who are significantly overweight and lead a sedentary life style are more likely to develop hypertension than active individuals with a healthy body mass index. People who smoke, drink too much alcohol and eat too many foods that are high in protein, salt and fat are also more likely to have high blood pressure. The same applies to people who have a highly stressful job.

It makes logical sense that the best natural treatments for high blood pressure involve correcting or eliminating the causes. For instance, regular cardio vascular exercise and weight loss are two most important natural treatments for high blood pressure. It is also wise to eat more healthy whole foods, reduce your intake of salt and alcohol and stop using nicotine products. The reduction of stress is an effective natural treatment for high blood pressure too. This could involve working less hours or finding an outlet such as yoga or meditation.

Foods Herbs And Supplements Is The Natural Treatments For High Blood Pressure

It is probable that you have some natural treatments for high blood pressure in your refrigerator or kitchen cabinets and if not you can easily purchase them at your local grocery store. Regularly eating foods such as garlic, mung beans, turnips, honey, oats, goat milk, broccoli, spinach and whole grains can do a great deal to lower blood pressure levels. In general eating more fruits, vegetables and lean proteins is advised for people with hypertension.

Certain vitamins, minerals and supplements are natural treatments for blood pressure too. There are also some herbal treatments for high blood pressure. Potassium, magnesium, calcium, L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10, omega 3 fatty acids, taurine and vitamins C and E are all effective in the treatment of high blood pressure. The same is true of herbs such as hawthorn, valerian, skullcap, olive leaf, ginger root, turmeric and motherwort. Some of these herbs can be used in recipes or drank in a tea. Other herbs such as valerian do not smell or taste very pleasant so must be taken in capsule form.