The Possible Low Blood Pressure Causes

Low blood pressure is a very common condition, one that millions of people around the world are suffering from right now. If you are one of these many people, first and foremost you should be aware that there are various low blood pressure causes, any one or more of which could be responsible in your case.

It is very important, if you are suffering from low blood pressure, that you take the time to learn about these different low blood pressure causes, so you can better understand the condition but also so that you can find the root cause of your own low blood pressure and hopefully solve it as a result.

Low Blood Pressure Causes

One of the most common low blood pressure causes is pregnancy. Low blood pressure during pregnancy is quite common, mainly because of the added weight that is being put on the body and so as a result the heart has to work harder. Because a woman’s circulatory system expands rapidly during pregnancy, blood pressure is likely to drop and so you should not be alarmed if this happens to you.

Another of the most common low blood pressure causes is medication. If you have just started on any type of medication and are noticing that your blood pressure is lower than normal, this could be the cause. The majority of medications in fact cause blood pressure to drop, and so if your doctor is going to start putting you on any medication you will want to ask them about this and see what the possible side effects are.

There is also the possibility of endocrine problems, and an underactive thyroid or overactive thyroid can cause low blood pressure. In addition, there are a number of other conditions including adrenal insufficiency and low blood sugar which can trigger low blood pressure. Especially if you have a preexisting condition such as diabetes, you are going to want to keep an eye on it and be prepared for something like low blood pressure which is more common with these sorts of conditions.

Low Blood Pressure Treatment

So once you are a bit more aware of the different low blood pressure causes, you are going to want to find out what you can do in terms of treatment. The treatment here will depend on the cause and type of hypotension that the person is suffering from and how severe the signs and symptoms appear to be.

You will need to work with your doctor on this, as depending on particular factors they will determine which treatment is going to be right.