What Is Stroke Level Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is the force of one’s blood on the blood streams. This force is put out by the heart as it pumps blood from it and it is regulated by the arteries as the blood pass through them. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure level is essential to an extended life as well as a healthy one.

A stroke is just one of the effects of having a blood pressure level that is not normal. Stroke level blood pressure usually occurs when the person experiences high blood pressure levels. The higher one’s blood pressure level is, the more susceptible he or she is to stroke. Stroke level blood pressure does not necessarily mean that it is high all the time. There are also instances when a stroke occurs when the person is experiencing extremely low blood pressure. A stroke usually occurs when the blood vessels bringing blood to the brain are interrupted in their function.

Stroke Level Blood Pressure Numbers

There are actually not exact numbers that will declare a stroke level blood pressure. Stroke level blood pressure is dependent on how one’s arteries react to the increase in the blood pressure. There is however a level in blood pressure that the doctor might say that the individual is prone to a stroke. The range of stroke level blood pressure is an estimated number. The reading 140 for systolic and 90 fro diastolic is usually reserved for those with hypertension or high blood pressure. This is where the range for stroke level blood pressure usually starts although this is not an exact number since there have been instances of a stroke occurring with numbers reading much lower. Having 160 for systolic and 100 for diastolic will qualify the individual as stage 2 hypertension which means that there has to be something doe to treat this stage.

Stroke level blood pressure can also be a very low reading since having low blood pressure can mean that the blood does not reach the brain anymore. Although this kind of stroke level blood pressure does not happen often there is a possibility of this happening if the individual suffers from severe blood loss or severe dehydration.

While low blood pressure is more preferable than high blood pressure, there are also certain risks to having one’s blood pressure too low. Stroke level blood pressure is usually in the higher numbers but it can also happen when there is an extremely low blood pressure.