Work With A Doctor On High Blood Pressure Control

Once it has been determined that a person has high blood pressure, the physician will work with the patient to determine the best course of action for high blood pressure control.

Blood pressure is generally measured in two terms. The first number is the systolic pressure that is the amount of pressure exerted against the arterial walls when the heart is pumping. The second number represents the pressure between beats. Usually reported as systolic over diastolic.

Normal blood pressure is measured at less than 120 0ver 80 or less. A reading of 120-139 over 80 to 89 is what is termed pre-hypertensive that is higher than normal but not dangerously high. High blood pressure is designated in two stages. A reading of 150-159 over 80-89 and stage 2, considered dangerously high, is more than 160 over more than 90.

Find Cause Before Cure

One of the first steps in determining the best means of high blood pressure control is to attempt to find out what is causing it. Sometimes a short stretch of high blood pressure turns out to be temporary due to an illness. However, the physician will need to determine if that’s the case or if high blood pressure control is needed.

Along with medications, a change in lifestyle is usually recommended for high blood pressure control. Smokers are recommended to quit as nicotine has a tendency to shrink arteries and capillaries which elevates the blood pressure. The higher the pressure, the higher the risk of vessels breaking, possibly causing a stroke.

Alcohol, while having been reported to be beneficial in lowering blood pressure, is actually not good for those who already have high blood pressure, especially if not consumed in moderation. Medications for high blood pressure control can be rendered useless if taken with alcohol.

Diet is an important element of high blood pressure control and depending on the severity of the blood pressure the dietary demands can be restrictive. Salt is usually vastly reduced or eliminated as it will affect your rate. Along with diet, exercise is also recommended for high blood pressure control as it helps to strengthen the heart as well as the blood vessels.

Initially high blood pressure control medications will be adjusted to obtain the best possible results. Frequent blood pressure readings will be taken and medications adjusted until the physician is satisfied that the blood pressure is under control. Also remember that while high blood pressure control is possible, it is not curable.