The Sacred Heart Diet Soup – Can It Help You Lose Weight?

There are many articles about the Sacred Heart Diet soup. Numerous dieters believed in its capability to assist them in losing weight in only 7 days. However, there are also many folks who find this diet quite difficult and dubious. The concept of the 7-day diet is based on a theory that the cardio doctors of Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital have developed this diet soup for their obese patients.

The main ingredients in the Sacred Heart Diet soup are – ½-¼ head of cabbageshredded, 2 cans of beans, green onions, a bunch of celery chopped, 2 large canned tomatoes, beef bouillon for flavoring, 2 lbs of carrots, 1 bell pepper,vegetable juice and chopped mushrooms. To make it more flavorful, you can add some salt, pepper and other seasonings.

Whenever you’re hungry during the day, you can eat as much soup as you want. The Sacred Heart Diet soup is like a hunger-filler that can stop your cravings on sweets and carbohydrates.

Below is the 7-day diet plan for the Sacred Heart Diet:

Day 1 – fruits that you love to eat except for bananas

Day 2 – any vegetable you love

Day 3 – as much soup as you want plus plenty of fruits and veggies

Day 4 – eat up to 6 bananas and all the skim milk you can drink

Day 5 – 10-20 ounces of beef, 1 can of tomatoes, and 5-8 glasses of water

Day 6 – as much beef and veggies that you can eat

Day 7 – unsweetened fruit juices, brown rice and fresh vegetables; eat at least 1 bowl of soup on this day; don’t eat bread and don’t drink alcoholic, carbonated and caffeinated drinks

The Sacred Heart Diet soup is filling, has low calories and has very little carbohydrates. The process is like that of cleansing diet where a change on your eating habits and choices of food is needed in order to cleanse your gut. As many people think, cleansing diets can kick up a dieter’s efforts in losing weight and maintaining it for a long time. With the Sacred Heart Diet soup, it is certain that you’ll get proper nutrition while trying to lose the extra weight fast.